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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jacques vert fascinator Fascinator! A word that most people did not even know existed before this year but ever since the 'Royal Wedding' fascinators have been seen everywhere. 


Jacques Vert Grey Green Fascinator

I have personally have been wearing fascinators for the past few years and haven't looked back since. I love that they add that little touch of class to any outfit. 



Icings feather fascinatorSome people think that hats or fascinators are only worn by people of a 'certain age' or only for weddings but that is not true.  They can be worn anywhere and by anyone! I wear mine out for dinner, shopping and I even wear them to work!



Fascinators can definitely be different sizes some small and some quite detailed and BIG! There is definitely one for everyone and every outfit. 

Jacques Vert grey pink fascinator



When I started wearing fascinators for a special evening out every so often I noticed the attention that I received.  I received a compliment every time I wore one. I loved the way they looked and the way I felt when I wore one so I started to wear one more often. To this day  I wear some sort of hair accessory everyday and it completes every outfit. 




Coral rose fascinator


This large coral rose fascinator I put together myself.  It was actually a large pin that I bought and I took off the pin part and attached it to a small headband with some felt pieces and fabric glue.



You personally don't have to wear one everyday but start small and pick one up for yourself and see what compliments come your way.  I guarantee you will love the way you look and feel parading one around town!

Posted by Rebecca Harasym at 1:56 PM


It was when I saw Kate Middleton that I began fancying fascinators. The way she wears them really caught my attention so I contacted immediately and checked their fascinators. I really love them and I would wear them matching my dress.
October 16, 2011 6:47 PM By Angela Robertson