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Everyday Fluevog

Anyone who knows me knows I am in love with John Fluevog Shoes! If you are not familiar with these shoes check out their website at (get ready to drool !!!!).

John Fluevog Mini Zaza Cobalt Cherry

I particularly enjoy the Everyday Fluevog section. Every so often a volunteer will take a picture of themselves everyday for 1 month in a different pair of Fluevogs from their own personal collection. All the photos have to anonymous so you cannot show your face. I am so completely obsessed with these shoes that I have done this for 2 different months for the website. I am currently this month (September 2011) as well as October of 2010.

John Fluevog Operetta Malibran Red White

Taking these pictures has been fun but has been challenging at times. I try to make the pictures creative as possible but having done over 60 pictures it gets tough! My husband has been great taking most of the pictures and putting up with me to get the shot just right. My family and one friend have helped take some pictures as well. Creating these pictures is not only about the location and the shot but also about the fashion and accessories and making sure every detail is perfect!

John Fluevog Mini Babycake Pink Cherry

I have had some good comments about the pictures and hope to maybe do another Everyday Fluevog month next year! (Yes I have that many pairs!!!!) 

So what do you think?

Any ideas for some unique pictures?