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My Enormous Fluevog Shoe Collection

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I have been collecting Fluevog shoes since 2006.  I really do think it was love at first site when I bought my first pair of Fluevogs! My only problem was at the time I bought my first pair I was walking with a cane and the pair of boots I had fallen in love with had 3 inch heels.  I had been in a motorcycle accident in 2005 and broke many bones. I went through many surguries to repair my broken bones on my entire left side of my body.  I even learned to walk again 3 times!  But just look at me now!  I was worried that I may never be able to wear heels again after the accident as I can be a little unstable on my feet.  I couldn’t believe the comfort and stability that this pair of Fluevog boots provided and I knew I would be walking in them very soon! Since that first pair I have been a HUGE fan as you can see! I have done a blog in the past about how I had been featured on the Fluevog website twice for the ‘Everyday Fluevog’ feature where I wear a different pair of Fluevogs everyday for a month (October 2010 and September 2011).  I truly do love the way I feel when I wear Fluevogs and love to see people’s reactions to each pair that I wear.  Some are pretty outrageous and I do have my favorites 🙂  

If you follow my ‘Everyday Outfit‘ section of my website or my this fashion blog then you know about 99% of my outfits include wearing a pair of Fluevogs!  I have been asked a few times to show my whole collection so here it is to date! I try to keep the original boxes for each pair but as I have acquired some of them through sites like Ebay and Kijiji they may not have come with their original box. My collection continues to grow and I am excited every time a new season comes as then there will be new ones for me to put on my wish list.  Hope you enjoy seeing my collection!  Do you have a favorite Fluevog shoe?

Winnipeg Fashion Blog, Canadian Fashion Blog, Fluevog burgundy red pink victorian limited edition special edition Mini Babycake boot

My First pair of Fluevogs

Winnipeg Fashion Blog, Canadian Fashion Blog, Special Edition Limited Edition Fluevog, Mini Gorgeous, Babycake, Cutie Pie, Malibran, Hope, Viardot, Sandra, Kathy, Illeana, Fiorenza, Mattie Silks

My Limited Edition, Special Edition Fluevogs

(Only a handful of each were made in these special colors!)

Winnipeg Fashion Blog, Canadian Fashion Blog, Fluevog One of a kind sample, Stop It, Halt, Wilma, Hi Choice, flower print

One of a Kind Samples!

(No one else in the world has these)

Winnipeg Fashion Blog, Canadian Fashion Blog, Fluevog Collection, Fluevog Blog, Mini, Operetta Bellevues, Fellowship, Munster, Soprano, Miracles, Daily Miracles, Hopes, Integrity, Prepares, Hi Choice, Second Miracles, Stop It, Together Hi, Wearevers, Summertime, Blind Faith, Listen Up, Pindown, Minstrel

My Entire Fluevog Collection

(Then I found another pair hiding in my closet that wasn’t in the picture! Oh, no!)

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